Pierogi Queen Bakery is a specialized bakery. We make two products – 26 different kinds of traditional Polish Pierogi and Nalesniki – Crepes, French style pancakes. Since 1981 this small family company produced a limited quantities of their well known brand in the bakery situated next to the Deli, inside the historic building of the Polish National Home in Enfield.hand made pierogi

Pierogi are more than just dumplings of unleavened dough stuffed with varying ingredients. Pierogi were traditionally peasant food, but eventually spread in popularity throughout all social classes, including nobles. They are served at many festivals, playing an important role as a cultural Polish dish.

Yes, Pierogi are the Polish pride, the national dish, but, most importantly, they are the best-known and loved Polish food in the United States. These culinary delights are perfect as a main dish, side dish, or snack. Nutritious and easy to prepare, just quickly boiled or sautéed in butter until golden brown. Served hot with sour cream or garnished with caramelized onions.

pierogi queen

Our Pierogi, known as Pierogi Queen, are made according to a secret, generations old recipe. We were producing filled dough products in the bakery inside the Polish National Home of Enfield since 1981. Just ask around – everybody in the New England area will tell that our Pierogi are the best, but always difficult to find. We just can’t produce enough Pierogi to meet the demand, and we just don’t want to change our traditional production style – handmade with all natural ingredients. Like all home-made versions they are filled with one of the following: mashed potatoes & onions seasoned with salt and pepper, farmer’s cheese, sauerkraut, cabbage or fruits. These are then boiled, and either served immediately at our Deli, sold fresh the same day or quickly frozen to preserve the freshness and taste.

We sell our Pierogi in wholesale to over 30 stores and restaurants all over New England.We ship all over continental US.


Why people choose our Pierogi:

  • For 30 years our pierogi are being considered the best pierogi on the New England market.
  • Pierogi Queen pierogi are made with traditional, high quality ingredients like: Farmer's Cheese (Friendship), Sauerkraut (Great Lakes Kraut), with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Our pierogi are made by hand, which allows us to put more filling inside and to use whole pieces of fresh fruit (unlike paste that is used by machines) and to use a variety of different tastes.
  • Our customers recognize our product as a home style, great tasting food that resembles the Old Country, Grandma's cooking.
  • Our products are made without any preservatives or additives inside.
Meat Pierogi
People are calling us all the time and asking where can they buy our meat pierogi. There is onlymeat pierogi one place that sells Pierogi Queen meat pierogi and that is: The Old Country Deli, our deli in Enfield.

We do not sell meat pierogi in any other store!

If somebody tries to sell you meat pierogi under our trade mark or just say that this are our meat pierogi – that is simply not true. We have to keep some of our special products exclusively for our deli and our customers – and if you want to try real home made beef pierogi made by Pierogi Queen – you will have to come to our store in Enfield – or order On line.

We ship all over continental US.


Please feel free to contact me at 413-686-1874 for menu prices, to make reservations or for any question you may have. Chef and owner Sasha Skerla